Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kara & Chris- New Hampshire wedding videography

On June 26th we travelled to New Hampshire for the wedding of Kara and Chris. The ceremony was at the St. Anseim College Church and the Reception at the Bedford Village Inn. Both locations were beautiful, especially the inn. It was the perfect site with it's gorgeous gardens and the rustic feel. It was open and rustic and gave us fantastic angles! Everything for the day was impeccably detailed right down to the bride's "something blue" toenail polish! The photographer was Pentimalli Studios. They did a fantastic job and look forward to seeing their final images.
The only hiccup of the day was that Kara's brother got stuck on 93 N with car trouble...but he still made it in time for the "I dos"! It was a pleasure filming and being a part of this wedding and wish Kara and Chris a fantastic time on their honeymoon in Hawaii! We'll be seeing you both again soon at Joelle and Brian's wedding in September!

Jillian & Bobby- Cape Cod wedding videography

The perfect Cape wedding...that was the scene of Jillian and Bobby's wedding on June 19th. I don't know if it was the magic of the Cape or if it really was the most serene picturesque day to get married. It was one of the nicer days we've filmed this wedding season. I know the photographer, Rachel Kate, must have had a field day shooting in such a great location and weather! The bride got ready at a friend's beach house; her make-up was applied on the side patio in the natural sunlight of the day by Kimberly Richard. It was such a change of pace; relaxed and calm...her mother watched as her daughter got ready for her wedding day and may have shed a tear or two.
The ceremony took place in North Falmouth at the Church of Saint Elizabeth Seton. Afterwards we went out to the beach for pictures and candid setting footage. The reception followed in a large white tent at The Brookside Club in Bourne, MA. Everyone had a great time on the dance floor, eating, drinking, and mingling the joy of the day just filtered through all of the 200+ guests.
It was such a great time and can't wait for my next visit down to the cape...it has a style all it's own. Thank you Jillian and Bobby and we wish you all the best!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Amanda & Michael- Boston, Ma wedding videography

We had the opportunity to get to know Amanda and Michael a little before the wedding.... they had wanted a slideshow of them growing up for their rehearsal dinner which is such a great thing to have when gathered with all your closest friends and family. I've done them in the past and it can be a lot of work sorting through all those years of photos. But that was not the case here, Amanda was incredibly organized and I can't thank her enough. It made putting it together a breeze! We had met a couple of times to go over details and again very organized and such a pleasure. By the way Amanda, Madeline says Hi!!
It was a perfect day... probably the best wedding day weather all summer so far, but more importantly- perfect couple, so clear that they are best friends and a perfect match.
On June 11th we travelled to Boston to capture their wedding day. Amanda and Michael's house was where the day began with the girls getting ready. The make-up artist came and tended to them all. It seemed as though the bridal party all had a hand in preparing Amanda for her walk down the aisle.
The ceremony was in Belmont, MA at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the reception at the Montvale Plaza. Working alongside us was the photographer Todd Cliff of TNC Photo. He did a fantastic job and I welcome the next wedding we share. The florist was Jayne's Flowers in Boston--really classic and beautiful.
Amanda and Michael thank you for sharing your day with us, it was truly a pleasure!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kate & Erfan- Ithaca, Ny wedding videography

On June 5th we were asked to film Kate & Erfan's wedding at Cornell University. The photos were taken prior at the AD White House, the bride and groom, bridal party, and family looked amazing as did the gardens. It was beautiful to shoot there. The day couldn't have been better. It was a day that future brides and grooms dream of having on their big day! The photographer was Randy Ahart of Photo Pink NYC. He did a great job with them and got some amazing shots! We love working with photographer's that are passionate about their work as Randy was! It was great working with you Randy, hopefully we can do it again real soon.
The bride and groom are Cornell graduates that travelled from outside Washington, DC to get married at their Alma Mater. The ceremony was held at Sage Chapel which opened in 1875, a truly historic and beautiful venue. The reception followed at Willard Straight Hall. The pride of Cornell was evident in the crimson wedding colors and the spirit of the night. The love between Kate and Erfan couldn't have been any clearer. You instantly understood that they had fallen in love here and shared so many amazing moments that they had to celebrate their union at the place where their love was born. Every detail was thoroughly thought through to maintain the historic feel of the event; from the 1930's Rolls Royce, clean line tuxes, and the classic wedding cake.
We were so happy to share this day with Kate & Erfan and wish them many years of happiness together! Thank you!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taking Time...

As wedding season approaches I'm trying to spend as much with the family as I can. My wife and I purchased a new swing for our daughter and I just couldn't help myself. We put her in it and she just couldn't stop smiling and she loved the wind blowing in her hair! My wife picked a piece of music that just totally captures the mood and feel of that afternoon. Just such a 180 from what were used to that now the little moments seem that much more magical. Having lived in the city for eight years and now living in the country with expansive fields on all sides of us and the smell of fresh air...lets just say it's easy to get inspired--not that my little one doesn't do that on a daily basis!! She'll have more footage racked up than my wife and I put together before she's one!!
Which got me thinking...I'll be putting together a "First Year" montage of my daughter to show at her birthday party and I thought everyone should have the opportunity to have something like this of their children. I will be adding it to my offerings and would love to hear from you!