Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taking Time...

As wedding season approaches I'm trying to spend as much with the family as I can. My wife and I purchased a new swing for our daughter and I just couldn't help myself. We put her in it and she just couldn't stop smiling and she loved the wind blowing in her hair! My wife picked a piece of music that just totally captures the mood and feel of that afternoon. Just such a 180 from what were used to that now the little moments seem that much more magical. Having lived in the city for eight years and now living in the country with expansive fields on all sides of us and the smell of fresh air...lets just say it's easy to get inspired--not that my little one doesn't do that on a daily basis!! She'll have more footage racked up than my wife and I put together before she's one!!
Which got me thinking...I'll be putting together a "First Year" montage of my daughter to show at her birthday party and I thought everyone should have the opportunity to have something like this of their children. I will be adding it to my offerings and would love to hear from you!

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